Steel-Sense: Integrating Machine Elements with Sensors by Additive Manufacturing


Credits: Tatyana Vasilevitsky, Amit Zoran.

Many interactive devices use both machine elements and sensors, simultaneously but redundantly enabling and measuring the same physical function. We present Steel-Sense, an approach to joining these two families of elements to create a new type of HCI design primitive. We leverage recent developments in 3D printing to embed sensing in metal structures that are otherwise difficult to equip with sensors, and present four design principles, implementing (1) an electronic switch integrated within a ball bearing; (2) a voltage divider within a gear; (3) a variable capacitor embedded in a hinge; and (4) a pressure sensor within a screw. Each design demonstrates a different sensing principle, and signals its performance through (1) movement; (2) position; (3) angle (4) or stress.


Vasilevitsky, Tatyana and Amit Zoran. 2016. "Steel-Sense: Integrating Machine Elements with Sensors by Additive     

Manufacturing.” The 34th international conference on Human factors in computing systems (CHI '16). ACM, New York,

NY, USA. PDF     

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