Cutting Edge Vision: Metal Embedded Optics for Smart Knives


Credits: Amit Zoran, NanWei Gong, Roy Shilkrot, Shuo Yan, Pattie Maes

Cutting Edge Vision presents a novel technique for embedding optic fibers into a metal blade to sense objects that the knife is cutting. In particular, it presents a design for a kitchen knife with fiber optics between the edge of the blade and the handle, with a skin-color sensor that overcomes the complex conditions in the kitchen. Hoping this design will lead to future work on minimizing cooking injuries, our handheld device also includes a simple finger-protection mechanism in the form of a retracting blade. We present our novel hardware design, an initial study of imaging capabilities, and a discussion of future directions.


Zoran, Amit, Nan-Wei Gong, Roy Shilkrot, Shuo Yan, and Pattie Maes. 2015. "Cutting Edge Vision: Metal Embedded Optics

for Smart Knives." In Proceedings of the 33rd Annual ACM Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing

Systems (CHI EA '15). Work in Progress & Video Showcase Presentation. PDF    

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