Interaction in Hybrid Mediums

Smart handheld tools can work in conjunction with human manual operation. These handheld devices provide a functional or informative augmentation to assist their native operation, and allow for an intimate experience. This research fucos on developing hand tools and studying the interaction space and outcome they enable.


Zoran, Amit, Roy Shilkrot, Pragun Goyal, Pattie Maes and Joseph A. Paradiso. 2014. “The Wise Chisel: The Rise of the Smart Handheld Tool.” IEEE Pervasive Computing Magazine. July-September 2014.


Hybrid Rendering | 2014

Amit Zoran


FreeD: Human-Computer Collaboration in 3D Craft | 2013

Amit Zoran, Roy Shilkrot and Joe Paradiso

FreeD is a handheld digital milling device, which is tracked and controlled with reference to a virtual 3D model, and allows unskilled makers to produce complex carving tasks, as well as personalizing and modifying the digital 3D models while carving.


Digital Airbrush: Physical Rendering with a Digital Tool | 2014

Roy Shilkrot, Pattie Maes, Joe Paradiso, Amit Zoran

The Digital Airbrush is an augmented device that acts both as a physical spraying device and an intelligent digital guiding tool, which maintains both manual and computerized control.


Amit S Zoran

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Cutting Edge Vision: Metal Embedded Optics for Smart Knives | 2015

Amit Zoran, NanWei Gong, Roy Shilkrot, Shuo Yan, Pattie Maes

Cutting Edge Vision presents a design for a kitchen knife with fiber optics between the edge of the blade and the handle, with a skin-color sensor aiming to lead to future work on minimizing cooking injuries.


Amit Zoran


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