Credits: Amit Zoran and Marcelo Coelho

Cornucopia is a concept design for digital gastronomy, a futuristic cooking methodology based on digital technologies. We explore how science fiction and actual technologies merge with kitchen tools to create this new design space for gastronomy. The Virtuoso Mixer, the Digital Fabricator, and the Robotic Chef were conceptualized to enable more flexibility and control for each of the most important elements of cooking: mixing ingredients, modeling food shapes, and transforming edible matter from one state to another.


Zoran, Amit and Marcelo Coelho. 2011. “Cornucopia: The Concept of Digital Gastronomy.” Leonardo, Journal of Arts, Sciences and Technology, volume 44, issue 5, October 2011, pages 425–431.

A potential recipe (green signs represent user’s input stages):

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